Mon 1 Feb            First Day of School for 2021

Artwork by our 2020 Kindy Children.

Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3
Artwork W10 T3

Farewell & Merry Christmas message from Mrs Broz

What a year it’s been.  I sincerely want to thank you all for being so understanding, so compliant and just so caring, through a very difficult year.  A lot of people have been asking how we are going to operate next year. Well I’m not going to make any guesses about that as we know how quickly things can change, but I will definitely let you know through connect, before the beginning of the year.

 It was a very sad farewell to our amazing year 6 group this year.  Ms Dagostino has been very fortunate to have such a group of lovely caring students who all look out for each other.  I hope that the bonds they have made will last through their lifetime. 

 Whilst there are many people to thank, for all they have done this year, I especially want to single out our School Council.  Together with the staff, we have been working on a new direction for the school which is very much focused on  CREATING A CARING, CONNECTED COMMUNITY.  I really look forward to furthering our plan with the support of the council in 2021.

 In fact I am looking forward to everything about 2021.  I think it’s going to be a great year.  I wish you all the best for the holidays.  Stay safe and happy and I will see you next year.

Book Awards 2020

Pre Primary Excellence Award – Edward

Pre Primary Endeavour Award – Kamryn

Year 1 Excellence Award – Michael

Year 1 Endeavour Award – Zahra

Year 2 Excellence Award – Cahdelle

Year 2 Endeavour Award – Nick

Year 3 Excellence Award – Jasmyn

Year 3 Endeavour Award – Daphne

Year 4 Excellence Award – Harrison

Year 4 Endeavour Award – Dorji

Year 5 Excellence Award – Lam

Year 5 Endeavour Award – Ariana

Junior Music Award – Harriet

Senior Music Award – Cayley

WA School Sports Medallion Junior – Kate

WA School Sports Medallion Senior – Aashiba

City of South Perth Junior Citizenship Award – Kate

City of South Perth Senior Citizenship Award – Jospeh

Curtin Education Community Academic Excellence Award – Hieu

DUX – Dat

South Perth Lions Club Excellence in Sport – Keiter

Swan Meritorious Award – Ange

Hon. Kate Doust MLC – Endeavour Award – Cayley

Yirra Yakin Award – Heidi-Rose

Woodside Junior Science Award – Adelaide

Woodside Senior Science Award – Hieu

Junior Chaplain’s Award – Ryver

Junior Chaplain’s Award – Tyson. N

Senior Chaplain’s Award – Ange

School Reports

All student reports can be accessed via Connect, like Semester one reports were. Information and help cards can be found when you log into Connect to direct you.

Chaplain’s Chat

2021 School Year

The office will be open on the following days prior to school starting:

Wednesday 27, Thursday 28 & Friday 29 January 8:30 – 3:30pm.

* Book Lists can be found on our school webpage

* School Uniforms purchase will be available to purchase Wed 27 – Fri 29 January. 

* School returns MONDAY 1st FEBRUARY, 2020.

Containers for Change Barcode

Containers for Change is off to a good start with nearly four bins filled, so please keep all your donations coming. If you wish to take your cans or bottles directly to a donation drop off station, and would like the funds to go to our school, please take a photo of the below barcode as it will need to be scanned during the donation process.

School Noticeboard

Our School Noticeboard has been created on our website. Please follow the below link to find information on upcoming school events and also flyers and links to programs in our wider community.

From your P&C

This year has once again highlighted what a wonderful community we belong to at Curtin Primary. Thank you to everyone for your contributions throughout the year – they all add up to deliver a special experience for our children. There are many ways parents and families have made a difference this year including, but not limited to –

  • attending P&C meetings and sharing ideas
  • filling office bearing positions and associated duties
  • donating to our cakes stalls and raffles
  • organising events, fundraising activities and projects
  • volunteering time at events and for special projects
  • participating in events and fundraising activities
  • promoting Curtin Primary School in our wider community
  • supporting each other and continuing to build a strong sense of community 

We appreciate each and every one of you and your efforts.

On behalf of the P&C I would like to thank all of the staff at Curtin Primary who work hard to make our school a fantastic place for our children to be.  Not only have our teaching staff done an amazing job, but so have all of our supporting team members. We notice the effort you put into keeping the school clean and gardens growing, that you take our phone calls, answer our questions, work hard to improve communications (a weekly newsletter doesn’t happen by magic) and do all manner of jobs that we don’t even know about. More than this you clearly care about our children, we notice the way you talk kindly to them, help them when they need it and make them feel special.

We are looking forward to another fantastic year in 2021 as we continue to build on the great things that are already happening. Our P&C AGM will be held on Tuesday February 9 at 7pm in the staffroom. All our welcome and encouraged to attend, join in the fun and help make things happen. All positions will be declared vacant at the AGM, if you are interested in holding an office bearing role in 2021 or have any questions please send an email to Kelly Muller –