Wed    28 July      Hospital Incursion   K/PP

Wed       4 Aug      Year 1/2 Assembly

Wed     11 Aug      School Photos


 Welcome Back

  P&C Day WA

 Today is P&C Day WA, as well as the 100th anniversary of the P&C’s overarching body, WACSSO. 

  Although the P&C at Curtin PS is only a few years old, they have achieved amazing things by fundraising and lobbying government.  Without the P&C we would not have achieved;

 painting to the front façade of the school,

  • the Nature Playground,
  • two new multi-courts,
  • our Harmony Garden, and most recently
  • a $185,000 grant for landscaping our inner quadrangles into outdoor learning spaces.

 Considering the small size of our school, our P&C has organised some amazing fundraising events such as the Mother’s Day flowers, sausage sizzles, discos and cake stalls, to name a few. 

 Their next fundraiser, later on in the term, will be a book stall so if you have any books you want to get rid of please send them along to school.  It would be wonderful to also get books in languages other than English.  Further details will come out soon. 

 All in all, our P&C is quite outstanding, and if you haven’t already joined, I urge you to keep an eye out for our next meeting and come along. Whilst fund raising events can be a lot of work, they are also a lot of FUN.

Year 5/6 Camp

From all accounts, the year 5/6 camp to Dwellingup this week was incredible.  I think all students and staff will sleep well tonight.  I’m sure parents will hear all about it tonight, and I hope the rest of the school will hear more next week. 

Keyboard for Music

An exciting addition to the instruments in the Music Room is a set of 8 digital keyboards. These will be used to help develop the children’s understanding of the elements of music and allow for exploration of sounds and musical creativity.

New Interactive TVs

As of today, all classes have new interactive TVs in their rooms.  These TVs are wonderful teaching tools and given that there are now so many great digital curriculum materials available, I think they will be getting a lot of use.

National Tree Planting Day

 City of South Perth is running a national tree day event at the Elderfield wetlands on Sunday August 1st.

If parents and students are interested in supporting this community event, please check details below so you can register to attend.

 All details are on the planet Ark official website

Term 3 Planner

 Please click on the link to download our Term 3 Planner.


Our sustainability leaders would like to remind families that our classes are collecting the below items as they compete to win the Responsible Rose Shield at the next assembly. If you have any of the below items at home

Batteries   –   Bread Clips   –   Plastic Lids   –   Toothbrushes / Tubes/Boxes  – Old Pens

Local Sporting Clubs

A number of our local sporting clubs are taking registrations now for the upcoming season. They provide a great opportunity for children and parents to be involved in the local community whilst having a lot of fun. You can find more information by following this link to our Community Noticeboard.

School Noticeboard

Our School Noticeboard has been created on our website. Please follow the below link to find information on upcoming school events and also flyers and links to programs in our wider community.


* Some Sports Shirts on backorder have arrived. Unfortunately though we are still waiting for the Blue size 4 , Red size 8 and the Gold size 14 shirts. I will update this when they arrive.*

Uniform Shop is open Wednesday mornings before school and Thursday afternoons after school.  If you require items outside these times please call the school on 9313 1051 or email  to arrange.


Parents / Guardians need to have access to Connect to receive school communications from the Principal, classroom teacher and office.

Information and Connect Help Cards can be found on our school website

If you need assistance with your account please contact the office on 9313 1051.

Containers for Change