Wed 20 Oct          Tennis    

Wed 27 Oct          Year 3/4 Assembly

Mon 15 Nov          Pupil Free Day



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Curtin University Hockey Club

Play Cricket Open Day

Reds Volleyball Club


Message from the Principal

I can’t believe we only have 8 weeks to go before the end of the year.  We have a lot to do in that time so I’m sure it is going to go even faster.


Congratulations to Jasmyn Poulson and Daphne Mitchell in being selected for the South Metro Education Region Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program.  PEAC is a part-time program for public schools children in Year 5 and 6.  Children are tested in Year 4 and are selected to participate in a range of innovative and challenging programs with children from other schools in the region.  Only the top 3% of students across the state are chosen for the program so to have two students from our small school is a significant achievement.

Students not returning to Curtin PS next year

As a small school, it doesn’t take much movement in our population to significantly impact our staffing.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know by email, if there is any chance that you might not be coming back to Curtin next year.

Repurposing the inner quadrangles

As you may know, we recently received a Government grant, thanks to the support of local MLA Geoff Baker, to revamp the inner quadrangles.  We will be so happy to see that ugly bitumen finally go.

An initial concept plan has been drawn up but further refinement is needed.  The plan includes a stage area, decked areas, and ‘pods’ where small groups of students can work together.  All of this fits well with our whole-school focus on sustainability, outdoor learning and connection to ‘place’.  

The area will be landscaped with shrubs and mature trees to provide shade.  The original plan also includes a water feature and wetland but I’m not sure our funds will stretch that far.  Whilst we were hoping that building would be completed over the Christmas break, the impact of Covid on building supplies has meant that it has been pushed back until Easter.


West Oz Wildlife 

Students were delighted when West Oz Wildlife visited Curtin Primary this week. We got to meet a koala called Judah and a dingo called Yappa. There was a snake safety demonstration, and many students bravely held a python. The wonderful presenters shared interesting facts about each creature and students were able to answer a lot of their questions. What a fabulous experience!



Our sustainability leaders would like to remind families that our classes are collecting the below items. Also please follow the link to read about single use plastics.


Batteries   –   Bread Clips   –   Plastic Lids   –   Toothbrushes / Tubes/Boxes  – Old Pens


School Noticeboard

Our School Noticeboard has been created on our website. Please follow the below link to find information on upcoming school events and also flyers and links to programs in our wider community.


Please make sure when making electronic payments to the school you include your child’s name as the reference. Without this we cannot track or allocated payments.


Notes have been sent home to follow up on any unauthorised absences, these need to be returned signed as soon as possible.

Student absences can be entered via the website, by emailing or by calling the office on 6455 8050.


Uniform Shop is open Wednesday mornings before school and Thursday afternoons after school.  If you require items outside these times please call the school on 6455 8050 or email  to arrange.


Parents / Guardians need to have access to Connect to receive school communications from the Principal, classroom teacher and office.

Information and Connect Help Cards can be found on our school website

If you need assistance with your account please contact the office on 6455 8050.


Containers for Change