Sense of Wonder

Banksia photography challenge

Entries close July 24

The Sense of Wonder photography challenge is open to all students, parents/carers and staff. There are no prizes for guessing the theme is ‘Banksias’ and we would love to receive lots of photos of the acorn, firewood and holly leaf banksias we have been learning about (they all live at our school).

You could also choose other banksias – has anyone seen the candlestick banksia that is outside Mrs Baden-Powell’s office? And Miss Mac’s favourite one lives near the courts (it is quite short with long narrow leaves).

We are especially interested in capturing the stages of the banksia flower and close up details of the flowers, pods and leaves. For inspiration, we recommend that children and families read ‘Firewood Banksia’ by Philipa Nikulinsky (in the library) before they start.

You don’t need a fancy camera or to plan a massive expedition. Photos can be taken on phones or iPads of banksias in the school grounds or wherever else you can spot them. Parents are welcome to submit their photos in the adult category and for those travelling over the school holidays there is a category for ‘Banksias outside of Perth’.

Challenge categories:

  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Cones/Seed pods
  • Close up of a pattern or texture
  • Animals with banksias
  • Most interesting photo
  • Photo taken outside of Perth
  • Photo taken by an adult

How to enter

Submit photos by 3pm on 24 July

You may enter by emailing an image file or submitting a printed copy of your photograph.

Electronic files

Email electronic files to

All electronic files must be named in the following format – YearGroup_Surname, for example: year1_Smith and saved in JPEG or PNG format.

If the photo was taken outside of Perth, please note in the text of the email.

Printed files

Submit a hard copy entry by placing a print of your photography in the Sense of Wonder box.

Maximum print size is A4.

All printed photos must have your surname and year level written on the back.

If the photo was taken outside of Perth, please note on the back of your print.

Photos that are not labelled will be displayed but will not be included in the competition.

Each class is welcome to put together a display of their best photos but this is not compulsory.